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Jinomz introduces a game-changing health service

How Jinomz will revolutionize your health? Jinomz recently acquires AnabolicGenes, adding lot of new features to our initial DNA testing. This company offers an at-home personalized testing service introducing an amazing combination of analyses : DNA + Blood markers + Gut microbiome. By combining these three, the company is able to efficiently evaluate your body chemistry in order to have a better view of what is currently going on in.. Read More

Origin DNA

Origin of DNA _______________________________________________ Origin of all DNA replication mechanics inside the viral universe? This figure illustrates that a co-evolution circumstance of viruses and cells at the changeover in the RNA into the DNA universe. In case DNA replication and restore mechanics additionally started from viruses, then it isn’t hard to assume the enzymes into fix cytosine deamination are of viral source, also so were down the road moved into.. Read More

COMT gene, DRD2 gene and your dopamine pathway

Your DNA makeup highly influences your dopamine pathway a fact demonstrated by many scientific studies and analysed by the world-leading health & fitness DNA testing company : COMT gene and DRD2 gene both significantly affect your dopamine. Dopamine is a famous neurotransmitter produced by your own body from your nutritional consumption of an amino acid known as l-tyrosine. This amino acid is especially found in foods rich in protein like.. Read More

Chromium food supplement effects: it’s in your DNA

Your DNA makeup highly influences your response to chromium food supplements, a fact demonstrated by many scientific researchs and analysed by the world-leading health & fitness DNA testing company : Chromium (Cr) is an fundamental nutrient that regulates carbohydrates metabolism. Recommended dietary ratio of chromium in humans is often not optimal. Various research on chromium food supplements have been widely described to decrease body fat and increase LBM (lean body mass), which may.. Read More

Are the effects of green tea beneficial for everyone for fat loss & increased metabolism? It’s in your DNA !

Your DNA makeup highly influences your fat loss and metabolism response to green tea, a fact demonstrated by the world-leading DNA testing company for fat loss : Green tea is much more than just green liquid that you drink. In fact, it is thought to be one of the healthiest hot drink in the world. It is full of nutrients and antioxidants. That’s why the effects of green tea on the body and metabolism.. Read More

GenetiConcept : New DNA testing revolution

AnabolicGenes is pleased to announce his new partnership with GenetiConcept, new revolutionary all-in one DNA testing service : health, drug response, fitness & nutrition, skin and wellness ! GenetiConcept : An amazing technological improvement For the price of a night out, you can learn so much elements of your genetic composition : only 237$ ! +100 Diseases, +50 genetic traits, training elements, nutrition elements, skin elements, +120 drugs response, every.. Read More

ACTN3 gene : The strength and power gene. ACTN3 testing

  Get your ACTN3 gene tested by the world leading fitness dna testing company : AnabolicGenes ACTN3 gene is one of the most popular gene. It highly affects muscle fiber composition. Every human has the ACTN3 gene. But there are 3 types we as humans can have : XX, RR, or RX genotype. The ACTN3 gene is responsible for the production of alpha-actinin-3 -a molecular protein that is only found.. Read More

23andMe interpretation for fitness, nutrition, diet, weight loss

Use your 23andme interpretation of your raw data file to personalize your fitness and nutrition with the world-leading fitness dna testing company : AnabolicGenes Our fitness dna testing service is now available for 23andme interpretation. Get your DNA-based training and nutrition plan for these goals : muscle building, weight loss, cardio and strength performances, and overall health. Our mission at Anabolicgenes is to take personalization of your nutrition and workout.. Read More