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ACTN3 gene : The strength and power gene. ACTN3 testing

  Get your ACTN3 gene tested by the world leading fitness dna testing company : AnabolicGenes ACTN3 gene is one of the most popular gene. It highly affects muscle fiber composition. Every human has the ACTN3 gene. But there are 3 types we as humans can have : XX, RR, or RX genotype. The ACTN3 gene is responsible for the production of alpha-actinin-3 -a molecular protein that is only found.. Read More

23andMe interpretation for fitness, nutrition, diet, weight loss

Use your 23andme interpretation of your raw data file to personalize your fitness and nutrition with the world-leading fitness dna testing company : AnabolicGenes Our fitness dna testing service is now available for 23andme interpretation. Get your DNA-based training and nutrition plan for these goals : muscle building, weight loss, cardio and strength performances, and overall health. Our mission at Anabolicgenes is to take personalization of your nutrition and workout.. Read More