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23andme interpretation with AnabolicGenes

Use your 23andme interpretation of your raw data file to personalize your fitness and nutrition with the world-leading fitness dna testing company : AnabolicGenes

Our fitness dna testing service is now available for 23andme interpretation. Get your DNA-based training and nutrition plan for these goals : muscle building, weight loss, cardio and strength performances, and overall health. Our mission at Anabolicgenes is to take personalization of your nutrition and workout routine to the next level, with training plans and advice personalized to you using your raw data (23andme interpretation).

23andme interpretation for THE ideal nutrition plan

A healthy diet contributes to a healthy and long life. But exactly what is a “healthy”diet? Is it the same for all of us? No. One size doesn’t fit all and one diet or one RDI (“Recommended Daily Intake”) does not suit all.
Nutrigenenomics is the study of how genetic variations affect all interactions with components of the diet, including macronutriments & micronutrients. Genetic variants have been demonstrated to affect transport, uptake, elimintation and metabolism of food components. And also affects individual daily requirements for some essential nutrients.
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23andme interpretation for THE ideal training plan

The education on genetics we have, which has been collected over several years of research and analysis, can now be applied. It brings lots of benefits and help to each people – from elite-athletes to occasional-exercisers alike – provided of course that it’s used properly and correctly. It should be use not in isolation, but as a whole with all other physiological and biological informations.
Currently a coach ( personal trainer ) considers numerous guideline and parameters when assessing and determining a client, including weight, height, age, sex, fitness level, body composition, strength, etc., before suggesting on a proper workout routine. It will also be determined by the wished goals. All of these takes part in probabilistic data in order to help create the optimal workout routine for someone.
Now, we’ve attained a point where genetics can be included to this mixture. It becomes the most important part of the picture: personnal genetics informations rises the chance of finding the best training routine with less error and trial.
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