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Your DNA makeup highly influences your response to chromium food supplements, a fact demonstrated by many scientific researchs and analysed by the world-leading health & fitness DNA testing company :

Chromium (Cr) is an fundamental nutrient that regulates carbohydrates metabolism. Recommended dietary ratio of chromium in humans is often not optimal. Various research on chromium food supplements have been widely described to decrease body fat and increase LBM (lean body mass), which may lead to increase muscles insulin sensitivity and weight loss in humans. It’s thought that this effect is due to a significant increased insulin sensitivity in muscle cells instead of fat cells.

The supplemental form of chromium is known as CrP (Chromium picolinate). Like many micro-nutrients, chromium food supplements only are difficult to assimilate. Binding it to an organic complex like picolinate, helps the body cells to better absorb chromium.

Lot of controversy on chromium food supplements effects !

It has been suggested that if chromium food supplements (more specifically chromium picolinate, CrP) can lower insulin resistance & increase insulin sensitivity as reported earlier by various studies1, 2 it can improve body composition, simply because insulin deficiency or resistance results in impaired entry of amino acids and glucose into muscle cells, leading to the potential acceleration of fat deposition and an increased catabolism of muscle protein. In a study3, after controlling for differences in caloric intake and expenditure, as compared with the placebo group, people who had an active treatment with chromium food supplement lost significantly more fat and weight). They also had a greater reduction in % body fat without any significant loss of fat-free mass (muscle tissue). It was concluded that this study replicated earlier findings that chromium food supplementation leads to a significant improvement in body composition.

But in contrast, the outcomes of chromium food supplements on human body composition have been controversial. But they’re nevertheless backed by animal studies which tend to increase their cogency4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Negative reports of the effects of Chromium food supplements (more specifically CrP) on weight loss and muscle mass have also been published in rats11. In addition, in humans, most recently the effects of Chromium supplements on fat loss was not achieved in a recent randomized double-blinded study12. The response of a subject when it comes to chromium supplements depends on his or her chromium status, amount of supplemental chromium, the salt of chromium consumed, and possibly an individual’s genome.

Individual genetics significantly influence your response to chromium food supplements when it comes to fat loss and better body composition.

Due to this argument regarding the outcomes of CrP, in 2007 a study13decided to evaluate the theory that typing the overweight individuals by examining the DRD2 gene (dopamine D 2 receptor) prior to a therapy with Chromium Picolinate (CrP) food supplements might lead to a differential treatment reaction. The measures of the change in bodyweight, change in fat weight, the bodyweight change in kgms, and the % change in weight, were all important for subjects who’d the DRD2 CC genotype. On the other side, no significance was found for any parameter for those people possessing a DRD2 A allele (AC or AA genotype). It has been suggested that subjects who carry the DRD2 A allele (AC or AA genotype), because of increased sugar craving behavior, masked the effects of Chromium Picolinate supplementation compared to carriers of the CC genotype of this gene. In summary, these outcomes and study indicate the dopaminergic system (dopamine pathway), particularly the density of the D2 receptors, confers an important differential restorative impact of Chromium picolinate in relation to change in bodyfat and fat reduction, thus reinforcing the requirement for DNA testing.


Conclusion: Are you wasting your time and money trying to loose some fat and increase your muscle mass by adding a chromium food supplement ?

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