How Jinomz will revolutionize your health?

Jinomz recently acquires AnabolicGenes, adding lot of new features to our initial DNA testing. This company offers an at-home personalized testing service introducing an amazing combination of analyses : DNA + Blood markers + Gut microbiome. By combining these three, the company is able to efficiently evaluate your body chemistry in order to have a better view of what is currently going on in your body.

A groundbreaking artificial intelligence

Jinomz artificial intelligence identifies (through peer reviewed scientific research) 1000+ correlations between your DNA, gut microbiome, and blood markers results. The science team continues to review thousands of scientific papers each month in order to improve their technology and give more accurate interpretation of the results. It will not leave the customer with a ton of information and no clue as to what to do with it. That’s why it presents this big data in a way that is easy to understand.

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