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We analyse your DNA in order to have a clear view on how your body responds to diet & training. Understanding how your own body reacts to training & nutrition is the beginning of the procedure for learning what training and diet regimen is the ideal to achieve your goals, whether it is to lose fat, build muscle & increase performance. We now have a team of scientific researcher (trainers, nutritionists, Ph.D. geneticists, doctors) that understands very well this science and is extremely experienced in creating your unique training & diet blueprint for you.

Our service is also available for 23andMe users

Better than blood, high quality DNA collection from your saliva !

No needles. Order your home DNA Testing kit, give your saliva and that's it !

Oragene is the technology we use to collect your DNA. It is the world leading technology for reliable, cost effective, easy, safe, and non-invasive DNA collection. The kit collects highly pure DNA from your saliva. delivering equivalent to DNA from blood for downstream applications.

A genetic testing for weight loss, muscle building, etc...? WHY?

  • No more guesswork on which type of training best fits you
  • No more guesswork on what when to eat (nutrigenetics science)
  • No waste of money on useless supplements by knowing the exact needs of your body.
  • No waste of time on trying all different kind of workout routines available on the internet by knowing the exact reactions of your body.
  • Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level athlete, maximize your fitness results through a simple genetic testing !

A revolutionary and easy home DNA testing process!
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DNA collection

When it arrives, follow instructions in the kit to collect your DNA and fill out the consent form.


Once completed, send your kit and form back to us in the packaging provided. Wait 3-5weeks (sometimes more) to receive your password to access to your reports on our new web application here.

The more informed we are about our genes, the clearer our lifestyle choices become.

Your genes are not your destiny because we can influence their activation through environmental factors, thanks to epigenetics!


Our genes are the whole body's instruction manual that instructs our body how to function. A gene instructs our body how to make a particular protein. It is these proteins that perform the important biological tasks in our cells.

Lifestyle & Environment

Environmental factors can influence the activity of our genes by altering their expression. The number of ways our environment can impact our lives is incredibly vast. Some of the more well understood factors are lifestyle, exercise and diet.

Our service is so helpful and effective for :

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Many more to come (free updates)


Many more to come (free updates)


Many more to come (free updates)


They can't be wrong

We are a fitness DNA testing growing company. We apply the sciences of nutrigenomics and athleticogenomics to help you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently
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Genetics is the study of heredity - the passing of certain traits from parent to child through our genetic material. Without entering into the debate on the details, let's simply say that your genes are the recipe book telling your body cells how to make a particular protein necessary for their operations. Learn more about genetics here.

In the world of fitness and nutrition, lot of websites or personal trainers are contradicting themselves. Some propose X type of training, some speak very highly of the value of an other type of training. We are constantly looking for the best training and nutrition. So where is the truth between all these contradictions? The truth is in your genes : each of us reacts differently. That's why AnabolicGenes analyses your DNA in order to find the training/nutrition that best suits you.

Our genome instructs our body how to make a particular protein. It is these proteins that perform the important tasks in our cells. A simple change of just one base (known as a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism or 'SNP') in the DNA sequence of a gene can result in a change to the protein product. Many studies identified many SNPs impacting athletic performance, metabolism, body composition, etc...
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Plenty of things! To summarise it briefly, your genetic variants tell us which type of training, macronutrients and food supplements that fit you best.
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Sure! There are plenty of scientific researchs that prove our recommendations. We constantly review the scientific literature and also provide updates on any new or relevant information and how this may affect your gene profil.
Have a look at a part of our scientific references.

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